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Anya Bloom

is a Global TRE® Certification Trainer and a TRE® Certified Provider, based in Israel. 

First introduced to  TRE® in 2011, Anya was  immediately captivated by the method and recognised its huge potential to benefit the large number of people in society who live with the symptoms of anxiety, stress and trauma on an ongoing basis. 


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She studied extensively and assisted in teaching several courses with TRE® founder Dr David Berceli, as well as with  other leading TRE®  Trainers. Today, Anya teaches TRE® both to Individuals and Groups both for Personal use and in the TRE®  Global Certification Program. 

As a Physiotherapist with more than thirty years’ experience in treating patients who have undergone various physical traumas, Anya understands firsthand how mental and physical stresses are inextricably linked. She sees TRE® as being a self-help tool for individuals that when taught with proper guidance from a Certified Provider can provide emotional and physical healing of anxiety and stress related disorders. This is because TRE® works at the deepest levels of the body where stress and trauma originate. 


As a co-owner/manager of a Physiotherapy practice in Netanya, Israel, Anya is most renowned for helping Ex-Military Personnel to rehabilitate. Fascinated by the enormous potential TRE® has in the healing process Anya's approach to it brings together her wealth of clinical experience with a gentle, personal style.

Qualified as a Physiotherapist in her home city of Dublin, Ireland (University of Dublin, Trinity College), Anya went on to practice at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, a leading rehabilitation hospital in New Jersey, USA, then in Belgium and at Beit Loewenstein Hospital in Israel before establishing her clinic in 1994.

Anya and Su talking about their work teaching TRE® ONLINE together in this 5 minute video. Enjoy ! 

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is a Global TRE® Certification Trainer and a TRE® Certified Provider, based in South Africa. Born in Germany, she lives in South Africa since 1996. Before moving to SA, Su worked  in the music industry as a co-owner of a company serving music collectors around the world, managing customer relations and marketing. She is a well traveled mother of 5 and grandmother of 4, eternal student 

Su discovered TRE® in 2010 and attended David Berceli's first TRE® Training workshop in South Africa in 2011. Her personal experience with TRE® was so liberating and profound that she decided for the Provider Training and is a Certifcation Trainer for Providers since 2016. 

Su Thomas 

She attended several Advanced Trainings with TRE® founder Dr David Berceli, as well as with  other leading TRE®  Trainers. Su has taught TRE® in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe and enjoys leading community work in the NGO sector as well as in person Provider Training and public Introductions to TRE® such as 'Shake In The Park' events. 

Born in Germany, Su emigrated to South Africa in 1996. She has extensive experience in international business, a keen interest in culture and belief systems and has traveled extensively. Su is a certified Life Coach specialising in helping people in crisis to navigate change.  She has published a book about her journey with TRE® available from Amazon -  "Shaking Myself Alive"

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