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A Quick Glance at TRE® - Resources

If you have heard about TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) but did not look into it, tried it or read much about it, here is a short article about where to start and resources we recommend:

If you have a chance to do a TRE® Session - do it.

Just do it - because the work explains itself to everyone who actually experiences TRE® - best with a Certified Provider, in person or online, or in a beginners group.

Read Dr Berceli's Book 'The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process - Transcend your toughest times'

Go to Dr Berceli's YouTube Channel to listen to him and watch him explain and demonstrate TRE. The videos he published there are of quality and cover his work in taking TRE into many countries, into desaster zones of war, earthquake and hurricanes as well as working with military personnel, veterans, first responders, in schools and on public workshops. He also offers videos of his one-on-one work with a diverse and interesting audience.

For questions of global TRE - to find Providers in your part of the world and for research and articles about TRE go to

The original exercise routine explained by Dr Berceli are published here:

Happy researching ! We hope you will have a chance to try TRE® and be as intrigued and excited about its potential for you as we were when we first started.

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