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TRE® Online Training

Global Provider Certification

Global TRE® Provider Certification Training

TRE® stands for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, a method to invoke and use the natural vibrational response of the body if and when it needs to shake off tension and stress. 

TRE® was founded by Dr David Berceli who has taken the method around the world for many years, visiting war and natural desaster zones, teaching thousands of people how to regain balance and wellbeing after stressful and traumatic events. 

Today, TRE® is established in more than 60 countries and taught by certified Providers who completed the global training program of TRE® for All Inc. 

Workshops are led by Su Thomas  (South  Africa) and Anya Bloom (Israel), TRE Global Certification Trainers, who work together Online to train TRE® Certified Providers of the highest standard. Whether you attend for to learn TRE® for your personal use, to deepen your TRE® practice or to do the full training course, you will benefit from the input of both Su and Anya who share their own unique education, background and experiences with the participants.

The training is offered ONLINE and consist of 

3 x 2 day workshops called Module One, Two and Three. Between the ONLINE workshops, trainees do practical assignments and supervision, the completion of those is necessary to take the next Module. 

Overall, the training can be completed in 9 to 12 months, trainees receive a globally valid certificate issued by TRE for ALL Inc, David Berceli. 

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Coming up next 

Introduction to TRE® - Module ONE 

 21 - 23 September 2022

Wednesday 21 Sept 16:30 - 19:30 (GMT+2)

Thursday 22 Sept 8:30 - 11:30 & 13.30 -16.30 (GMT+2)  

Friday 23rd Sept 8:30 - 11:30  (GMT +2) 

Each 3h session has a teaching and guided TRE® practice  

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COST : € 330

If you live in an economically challenged location or are facing economic challenges personally, get in contact with us 

What our TRE® Certified Providers say 

Nikki Foreman

I attended the training with Su and Anya to certify as a TRE® Provider.


Together they provided a formidable team balancing their respective and distinctive energies, wisdom and teachings that brought  richness to my

TRE® training.


I learned so much from them especially through the online forum that Covid-19 has necessitated. I felt supported, nourished and deeply

inspired to continue to bring this incredible work to more people.


I highly recommend doing this training with Su and Anya.

Nikki Foreman, Israel

Sylvia Tillmann_edited.png

If you consider training in TRE®, I have one recommendation for you:

Go for it, it really is amazing.


Your special bonus when training with Su and Anya?

You get two for one, i.e. two great teachers with different skill sets and approaches; which I found simply amazing. I learned so much, I so enjoyed the experience with Su's and Anya's different energies and I loved my supervision sessions with both of them - by getting two different views, and even more food for thought.

​Last but not least, you meet trainees from different countries – so you'll

get a truly multicultural TRE® learning experience.

Sylvia Tillmann, UK/Germany 


Anya and Su are amazing. 

Not only as teachers but as human beings.

It was a very good experience to get my TRE® certification with them.

All that they teach, I may say, comes from what they know 

(that is a lot) and their experience, a lot of passion and love. 

​I always felt safe, cared for, listen to and satisfied with what they 

gave to me.


You can see and feel what they teach is how they live. 

Enjoy your journey with them!​

Susana Hoyos, Portugal 

Daniel De Pao.jpeg

Getting certified as a TRE® Provider with Su and Anya has been such a wonderful experience, their collective knowledge and wisdom surrounding Trauma and the Body more than satisfied my curious mind.

Their individual approach to teaching complements each other well, the patience they had throughout my certification felt heartwarming and safe. The bonus I found with getting certified online, is that I have met so many Providers from around the world, all connected in the container that Su and Anya hold so well.


As a male TRE® Provider I feel confident and inspired in my practice to teach more men about this powerful tool that is naturally ingrained into our physiology.

Daniel De Pao, South Africa

Tammy Currin.jpeg

TRE® has had a profound impact on my life and the training is a journey I will forever be thankful for embarking on.


I had the privilege of being trained by Su and Anya, both experienced and passionate trainers. Their individual approaches, insights, energy and knowledge provided an incredibly in depth understanding of TRE® and truly enriched the training experience.


Thank you, Su and Anya, for your encouragement and guidance and for maing the TRE® experience wonderful!

Tam Currin, South Africa 

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Recently I Certified as a TRE® Povider with Su and Anya.

As a family physician, it was important for me to learn a quick and

efficient way to help my patients relieve tension and pain.

The Certification Program was professional and yet very personal. The practice and teaching were done via Zoom in small groups and it was a nice experience meeting people from around the world. Between the Modules the supervision sessions were to the point.

Both Su and Anya detected  my strengths and weaknesses in a compassionate manner. I felt more confident from session to session.

It is apparent that they put their heart in their work and see teaching TRE® as a mission. They also maintain a community of TRE® Providers

and Trainees that is helpful and supportive.


I highly recommend training with Su and Anya.

Dr Amir Zivoni, Israel 

Douglas Berry_edited.jpg

As a Registered Counsellor, its important to remain flexible and have a variety of methods at hand for different types of clients. I recently qualified as a TRE provider here in Durban and what an amazing experience it was.

A long journey saw me gently guided by the always smiling Su and Anya, all the way to the finish line. The training is comprehensive, from the fascinating theory to the supervised practicals and journal oversight, I never felt alone.

Such an incredible journey and so many new faces from all over the world, it's been truly wonderful. I've learned to connect with clients on a completely different level, with a powerful new tool in my toolbox.

I'm proud and honoured to be a part of this world.

I'd recommend the training to anyone!

Douglas Berry, South Africa  


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Su  +27-82-7872229

Anya +972-52-2734085

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